Dignity Defense DB4 7.5″ 5.56 NATO AR15

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6 reviews for Dignity Defense DB4 7.5″ 5.56 NATO AR15

  1. Scott

    The only difference between this gun and that hot blonde at your office is you won’t need a shot of penicillin after going to town on her, round after round after round.

  2. Brett Bush

    Without question, the best AR pistol on the market! I own 9 different AR platform pistols and rifles…but after I got my Dignity 7.5”…I don’t take anything else to the range anymore! It’s so well behaved, for a short barrel 5.56, even my wife and my 6 year old son can handle the recoil! The linear comp, lightweight frame, side charger, and extremely well designed upper, lower, and hand guard make this little bad ass the easiest AR pistol on the planet to handle!! After playing around with mine…my wife had to get one for herself…and she finds all my other AR platform firearms to be cumbersome, heavy, and exhausting to shoot!! But not the Dignity!! The design doesn’t just hold its own against similarly priced AR pistols…it’s superior in every way!! Dignity Defense is the future!! I have my own FFL, teach firearm safety, and have worked in the industry for years. I can tell you, as someone who knows…this will be the greatest addition to any collection!!

  3. Jacob

    I knew this was the smoothest AR pistol after shooting just a couple rounds through a buddies. Now that I’ve put > 1500 rounds through mine, I feel confident saying Dignity Defense is top of the line! Pings steel at 100 yards with a simple red dot, the linear comp keeps concussion away from the shooter, and the side charging allows for lightning quick reloads. I can’t wait to add more Dignity Defense ARs to the collection, but the wife needs a cool down period before I do that!

  4. Cory

    This is the most impressive AR that I’ve ever shot. Clean cycle and everything that you don’t want In your face is sent down range. I love this gun. On top of being a master of the craft mechanically, Dignity Defense has produced a very aesthetically pleasing gun.

  5. Shaun Grams

    This little shorty may look small, but packs a huge punch. It will turn heads at the range, guaranteed! Build quality is flawless and lightweight, made from the highest quality components. When you pick this up, you know immediately that you’re holding something awesome! The clear thought and time Dignity Defense took to design the DB4 7.5″ AR15 is impressive… don’t miss a chance to own one of the finest, contemporary battle rifles on the market, made right here in the U.S.A.

  6. Greg Grosvenor

    Phenomenal firearm. The side charging handle makes this one of the most innovative designs in my collection. By far one of the funnest ar pistols I’ve ever shot. I’ve recommended tons of these to my friends and family and they’ve all had an absolute blast. If you are looking to send it, I would would grab one of these. You won’t be disappointed.

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