ffl disclaimer

All firearms, or regulated firearm accessories are required by law to be shipped to the holder of a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). We cannot ship to individuals or businesses without a valid FFL.

It is your responsibility to ensure all paperwork is completed prior to picking up your purchase from your local dealer. It is also your responsibility to contact your FFL dealer. Be aware that your local dealer may charge a transaction fee at the time you pick up your purchase. Dignity Defense is not associated with any particular dealer nor responsible for a transfer fee they may charge. Check with your local dealer concerning any policy of this kind and what you may owe. By purchasing a firearm from us you acknowledge that you may have to pay your dealer a fee for transferring the gun to you.

The buyer assumes all legality, liability and responsibility for the condition, use, security, and storage of any firearm or firearm related product purchased. It is your responsibility to ensure that the firearm you purchase is legal to own in your state.

The buyer certifies by purchasing a firearm from Dignity Defense that the buyer is legally qualified to purchase and own the firearm. The buyer thereby also certifies that there are no state or local laws preventing ownership and that the owner will utilize a trigger lock to prevent accidents.

To purchase a firearm a buyer must be at least 18-21 years of age depending on the requirements of the state they reside in. Please check with your Federal Firearms Licensed dealer on age requirements in your state.

If you have questions or concerns about the FFL transfer of your firearm, please contact us at info@dignitydefense.com.

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